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Home-Based Care Ministry

Home-Based Care Ministry

We live in a broken world with broken people. Often it is easy to ignore the needs of the people around us. But what would God want us to do? In His ministry here on earth, Jesus reached out to the most hurt, most abused, and most reviled members of His community. He healed not only their bodies but their spirits. Should we do any less? The Seventh-day Adventist Church has a unique opportunity to serve the hurting in their community through a Home-Based Care ministry. With our mission to love, serve, and teach, and with the numerous church resources already available, we can do what many others cannot—be the safe haven of health and healing that God intends His church to be. While this book focuses on ministry to individuals and their families dealing with HIV and AIDS, the principles found here can be applied to anyone with a terminal illness who finds himself/herself on the other side of accepted society. It shows us that instead of being critical, we should accept where people and their choices have led them, doing our best to minister with the love and care of Jesus.

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Publisher TEACH Services, Inc.
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ISBN 1479610550
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home-based pastoral care ministry, the congregation can reach out and provide support to affected people. In so doing, the church does not only perform a social function to the HIV-affected and poor families, but acts in accordance with ...

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