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How to Hold Animals

How to Hold Animals

Should you hold a mouse by its tail? A grasshopper by its leg? A butterfly by its wing? How do you pick up a prickly hedgehog? A slithering snake? A hissing cat? Most of us don't have nearly enough experience of being around animals. We feel a bit apprehensive when it comes to touching them. Maybe we're scared we'll hurt them, or that they'll hurt us. That is a huge shame, because connecting with animals is a magical life skill that can make you feel at peace and aligned with nature. Luckily, animal photographer and former zookeeper Toshimitsu Matsuhashi is there to give you advice and shows you the very best way to care for the animals in our lives, from beetles to hamsters and from chickens to dogs. Fully illustrated with fascinating information (did you know that you should go for the smaller rather than the bigger horn when you pick up a stag beetle), How To Hold Animals leaves no stone unturned and teaches us all how to be kind to the animals around us.

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Release Date
ISBN 9781529404531
Pages 148 pages
Rating 4/5 (33 users)

A delightful treasure trove of tips on how to hold animals without hurting them.

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