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Philosophy and Geography III

Philosophy and Geography III

Places are today subject to contrary tendencies. They lose some functions, which may scale up to fewer more centralized places, or down to numerous more dispersed places, and they gain other functions, which are scaling up and down from other places. This prompts premature prophecies of the abolition of space and the obsolescence of place. At the same time, a growing literature testifies to the persistence of place as an incorrigible aspect of human experience, identity, and morality. Place is a common ground for thought and action, a community of experienced particulars that avoids solipsism and universalism. It draws us into the philosophy of the ordinary, into familiarity as a form of knowledge, into the wisdom of proximity. Each of these essays offers a philosophy of place, and reminds us that such philosophies ultimately decide how we make, use, and understand places, whether as accidents, instruments, or fields of care.

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Publisher Rowman & Littlefield
Release Date
ISBN 9780847690954
Pages 326 pages
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Philosophies of Place Andrew Light, Jonathan M. Smith. notion of place . The essays range from specific analyses of particular places to more general treatments of theoretical concerns involving the idea of place .

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