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The Essential Handbook of Women's Sexuality

The Essential Handbook of Women's Sexuality

This cutting-edge two-volume set with contributions by distinguished and internationally recognized scholars provides a comprehensive picture of contemporary issues in the field of women's sexuality, emphasizing women's diversity and international perspectives. * Vignettes and real-life stories to illustrate concerns, questions, findings, research, and concepts * In-depth coverage of a wide spectrum of sexuality topics among women, including sexual desire and satisfaction; sexuality concerns in diverse countries; pornography; lesbian, bisexual, and transgender women; trauma, rape, and intimate partner violence; and mental health and therapy * Contributions from 63 distinguished scholars who are experts in their fields * Extensive bibliography with each chapter

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Publisher ABC-CLIO
Release Date
ISBN 0313397090
Pages 719 pages
Rating 4/5 (97 users)

More recently, entire social movements were founded on liberating women's sexuality. ]ust as poets lauded women's sexuality, scientists have also tacitly implied that women's sexuality manifests more dynamic trajectories over their ...

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