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The Holy Roman Empire: A Historical Encyclopedia [2 volumes]

The Holy Roman Empire: A Historical Encyclopedia [2 volumes]

Reference entries, overview essays, and primary source document excerpts survey the history and unveil the successes and failures of the longest-lasting European empire. • Provides a historical essay to give a concise overview of the Holy Roman Empire • Presents a timeline that highlights key events in the empire's long history • Offers topical sections of reference entries on significant topics • Features entries and a bibliography for further reading • Uses primary source documents to give readers firsthand accounts of life in the Holy Roman Empire

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Publisher ABC-CLIO
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ISBN 1440848564
Pages 832 pages
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In contrast, the last Holy Roman Emperor, Franz II (r. 1792–1806), managed to preserve his Austrian hegemony by declaring himself Emperor Franz I of Austria (r. 1804–1835), dissolving the Holy Roman Empire, and marrying his daughter ...

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